For me, healthcare has the potential to be so much more than what is currently accepted as the norm. I see a fully developed patient-doctor relationship as the foundation for the patient to experience expansive self-discovery and personal growth as life brings change and challenges. I have set up my practice to be able to include elements that are undervalued in today’s system but are vital for meeting your health on the level it requires.

Health & Wellness

  • Integration of nontraditional and emerging models of health
  • Best of traditional and holistic perspectives tailored to your specific needs
  • Streamlining and minimization of medication usage
  • Emphasis on lifestyle changes + prevention; Access to network of healing arts professionals.
  • Screenings aimed at managing or preventing chronic illnesses
  • Use of NP to provide team-oriented environment
  • Extensive referral network to therapeutic bodyworkers, chiropractors, movement specialists, art therapists, therapeutic bath specialists, stress management specialists
  • Extensive referral experience with traditional medical specialists and traditional medical institutions in our area and beyond (Springfield, Boston, Albany, New York City)


  • Superb staff; needs met in real time
  • Help navigating the complex health system
  • Coordinated care, tests, appointments with specialists
  • Coordinated care while away from home

Communication, Time & Convenience

  • Quick and direct communication with provider by cell, text, or email
  • Provider is easily reached for questions between visits and after hours – for your peace of mind
  • Convenient same-day or next-day appointments, and brief or no office wait times so you can get on with your day
  • Ability to spend quality time with your provider as needed to address multiple concerns
  • No more ten to fifteen minute visits if you need more time
  • See and communicate with your own doctor, be comfortable with our small team
  • Immediate attention – no delayed medical care
  • Individualized care born out of a caring patient-doctor relationship
  • More time to address multiple concerns and complex issues
  • Prompt follow-up for lab/test results, prompt turn around on prescription renewals, specialist visit discussions
  • Save time and expense of Urgent care/ ER
  • Home visits as appropriate

Clinical Services

We offer full scope Family Medicine. We are your one-stop home for any and all of your healthcare needs. If you need specialty help, we get you where you need to go and stay involved with your care after expediting your referral. My philosophy is to show you what modern medicine thinks of your issue then to explore emerging and alternative approaches which often bring with them meaningful treatment options.

  • Family medicine for patients of all ages
  • Sick and wellness visits
  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Extensive work-up for underlying root cause of chronic illness and symptoms, weaning off medications as appropriate, and natural approaches to treating illnesses when appropriate
  • Individualized wellness program with ongoing counseling and monitoring of goals
  • Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle management coaching
  • Stress management, mental and emotional health
  • Complex care management for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac and respiratory health
  • Advanced cardiovascular risk assessment and disease prevention
  • Comprehensive hormonal testing, genetic screening
  • Dermatology, food allergy testing and consultation
  • In-office testing including urinalysis, strep and flu testing, EKG’s
  • Minor office procedures including skin biopsies, suture removal, laceration repair, cryotherapy, incision and drainage of abscess and excision of lesions
  • Newborn care
  • End of Life Care