• Dr. Cooney is a remarkable person first, added to which his skills and training make him a truly noteworthy Doctor, unlike any other I have encountered. He's smart, articulate, listens keenly and even has a sense of humor. Each visit is an engaging Dialogue. His medical advice is often sound and clear, yet he is secure enough to offer choices and experimentation to achieve the best lasting results. My biggest surprise is how much I always look forward to the next appointment with excitement.
    — Michael Egan, Old Chatham, NY (Healthgrades review)
  • Dr. Cooney cares for our entire family with great skill and attentiveness. His thoughtful anthroposophic philosophy is driven by understanding the lifestyles, values, and dispositions of his patients in order to prescribe specific healthcare solutions, not those that come out of a box. We trust Dr. Cooney with our lives, like most of the other families in the Great Barrington/Stockbridge southern Berkshires area.
    — Michael Cohen, Great Barrington, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • Dr. Cooney is someone I can recommend highly. He's a rare breed of medical doctor — he takes the time to listen, to sort things through, to come up with the best solutions for me — as an individual. In a world of "in and out" when it comes to doctors, I'm a huge fan. And his sense of calm is healing.
    — Anonymous, Stockbridge, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • Dr. Cooney is one of the most informed doctors I've known. His bedside manner is impeccable. What I appreciate most is the way in which he helps inform you of your choices.
    — Dan M., Great Barrington, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • Joe, It's such a consolation to have time with you when we need it. Can't tell you how much this has added to our sense of serenity and confidence. Thanks so much for daring to upend your practice and to put your patients' needs at the heart of it.
    — Natalie Boyce, Stockbridge, MA
  • Best GP I ever had. No improvement possible. Socrates would be pleased.
    — John Boyce, Stockbridge, MA
  • He is a sweet heart, so easy to talk to. He spent all the time needed with my Dad. I like how he works with body, mind, and spirit!
    — R. Guerra, Boston, MA (Google review)
  • An exceptional doctor and a really great guy, Joseph Cooney has for years provided me and my family with excellent care.
    — Lincoln Russell, Stockbridge, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • Dr. Cooney is a wonderful man and a very caring doctor. He always spends the maximum amount of time with me. I feel very fortunate he found room for me in his practice.
    — Harriet Fulton, Great Barrington, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • Dr. Cooney provides my family with exceptional care. His office staff is always very friendly and responsive. Dr. Cooney himself is easily accessible and thorough. He is the quarterback for all of our healthcare needs!
    — Anonymous, Lenox, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • Dr. Cooney is a gift! He is a thoughtful, skilled, intelligent, progressive and kind doctor. Everyone should have someone like Dr. Cooney to provide care for their family. He is the best!
    — Anonymous, Great Barrington, MA (Healthgrades review)
  • We are very fortunate to have Dr. Cooney serving the Berkshire community. He empowers his patients to be responsible for their own self care and lifestyle choices. With a gentle heart, humor, and humility, he guides his patients to discover with him the best health care plan for them, especially outside of traditional allopathic medicine and drugs. He cares for the whole person, body, soul and spirit. I am grateful that I can receive his intelligent and compassionate care, especially as I age.
    — Carol McGlinchey, Great Barrington, MA (Healthgrades review)