A wellness farm

Berkshire Whole Health is looking to shake things up in 2023. 

Nursing Therapy Clinic

First of all, thanks to Trish’s skills and experience we have started offering IV therapies on a small scale including nutritional IVs. These are vitamin IVs that can be used in certain scenarios to hydrate, recover from acute illness, boost immunity, or reduce inflammation. This is the first step of offering more nursing therapies. Providing access to the use of wraps, compresses, baths, and embrocations, which strengthen the body’s self-healing forces, is on our minds. We will keep you posted.

The Farm Connection

And secondly, we are getting involved in the development of a ‘wellness’ farm over the border in NY state. We are exploring ways in which the practice of medicine can be elevated by a relationship with a farm. 

The farm project is being set up as a nonprofit which means it is for the public good. You are all invited to be involved in exploring the healing power of nature’s beauty — on our own little plot of paradise. 

It’s important to say the medical practice will absolutely remain full-time in Stockbridge. There are no plans for it to change sites.

The farm in NY will be about another side of health and wellness. The farm’s main product will be connection. Lots of it.

In the first place, we are planning a majestic farm layout that will be a beautiful work of art such that people will come from all around to see the gardens, tour the greenhouse, pet the animals, and smell the flowers. Agro-tourism and education naturally go with a farm project like this one.

The farm practices will be such that they will generate rich soil that looks like chocolate cake batter and teems with life. Regenerative farming practices are quickly being recognized as a centrally vital practice for the health of the planet.

We will strive to make it a model farm: a small, organic, family-sized farm acting as a beautiful work of art, producing richly nutritious foods for local consumption and being economically viable at the same time.

And, in some ways most centrally, it will have social impact programs. We will have programs there that will weave into and be supported by the farm activity.

We want to have: 

  • programs for young people to learn to farm, and cook
  • programs to give food to people just out of the hospital or in treatment
  • medical retreats on the farm for all comers regardless of ability to pay.
  • best practices around inclusivity and diversity.

And we have already started supporting seminars on the site to give doctors and medical providers the tools to fall in love with patient-care again.

Start Up

The project is in its start-up phase. A part of the land has been purchased and the project is looking now to line up the financing for the second half. It has 100 acres currently and looks to double in size by buying the neighboring farm.

So, let this serve as the announcement that the nonprofit is formed and the wellness farm project is starting! We are excited to explore the collaboration. And it is available for every single one of you to be a part of it. 

In fact, it needs you. A farm like this needs people to come and love it. And it needs people whom it can love!

Do you want to volunteer and plan a CSA with us? Do you want to help develop the programs? Do you want to come work in the forest to clear the trails? Do you want to learn about the many ways you can support our start?

Well, just say so. We are all ears. We will be happy to hear from you and discuss ways to support the project and get involved.

And, if you’ve noticed our “Eggs for Sale” sign at the front desk, its because the chickens are producing a surplus. We are happy to be in the company of the small club of doctor’s offices who have chicken eggs for sale.