Covid Country

The final results are in: Pandemics are hard. The most leaders can hope for is to try to make the least bad decisions. There will be suffering. In-fighting and tendency to blame are here as tempting traps. It’s a macrocosm for an illness on a personal level. We (or we as family) get torn away from what we expected we would be doing. There are no short cuts. We are in this, and we might as well do our best to be our best. 

Delta watch

Watching for signals is the name of the game. Delta is prevalent now in the US, but best predictions say we will experience only little bursts of increased incidence like we are right now in Missouri and Colorado and sporadic counties out west. I keep a close eye on the national case incidence counts. Small upticks are noticeable just as of the last 2 days. A question surrounds the end of the summer. What is to come as the season changes? Also, how are recent Isreali numbers concerning lower vaccine effectiveness against Delta going to play out? Much remains to be seen.

As for the moment, New England remains with low incidence of new cases. There were only 12 cases all of last week in the Berkshires. Massachusetts daily numbers are low.

Vaccine side effects

Speaking of signals, spike protein migration away from the injection site after vaccination has been demonstrated. This was not an expected result. Spike protein is toxic to cells. That wasn’t so clearly known. What does this mean exactly as far as vaccine side effects? Whatever the result, it’s not as bad as an actual infection, is the assumption. One question: is that the case for all populations? How low of an age group do you vaccinate? I have an opinion. Not too low! Big benefit needs to be there. Kids don’t get hit hard by this. 

Vaccines are far and away our number one strategy for getting through this, so what we are learning regarding side effects? Who is doing the collection of vaccine adverse events? Reports are that the FDA is not adequately equipped to track adverse events on a campaign of this magnitude. People aren’t sure where to look. The data are not easy to find. Science needs to be heeded, everyone says, presumably meaning different things when they say it. One vaccine scientist mentioned reactivation of viruses from the vaccine is something that is being watched. Shingles is one example that was seen in the trials. 

Variants, upticks, and reactions: None of this is light fare.

Holistic Corner

You know where I look for solace? It’s in what I find to be the most powerful medicine: Strategic thinking, Connecting to healthy thought patterns. 

Let me give you the top 4 that come to mind when reflecting on this week.

  1. Being kind, respectful and wholesome are important parts of being healthy. 
  2. Realizing you are not here for comfort. This is a big one. You are here to face your challenges and through facing them to learn. Addictive behaviors are just as much a refusal to face your lot in life as they are anything else. You are a LEARNER, an unapologetic LEARNER. The comfort seeker is the only one who suffers without reward. Everyone else realizes growth through trials and finds meaning. Comfort as king is the great lie.
  3. Understanding you have to go against the grainto be healthy. For example, stepping away from the Standard American Diet can be an important foundation to facing an illness. 
  4. The Basics are huge. Did you get 20 minutes of sun on your skin today? Do you have good water, good salt in your life. Did you get some exercise every day this week? How is your sleep? Did we discuss your relationships? 

Don’t let the circumstances and the uncertainty get you down. Make a small goal to give the world a little of your best self today. If I may speak for the world, we will be very grateful to receive your offering. Here’s to you and the good you can do.