Enabling a healthy mind

Hey, doc! Nice to hear from you. Did I miss your last bulletin or two?

No. I just haven’t written one in a while.

Why not? Everything ok?

Everything is fine. I was just away.

Where did you go? San Quentin?

No, wise guy, I was in Germany, at a conference. It was on the healing effect of sound! Pretty amazing.

But, it’s good to be home. I’m surprised to see that we have a mini explosion of cases here in the county. Berkshire county is one of America’s hotspots! There aren’t many counties with cases over 1 per 1000 people daily. We are one. For us that means 130 cases per day. Our max was 300 per day at the peak of Omicron original. 

I bet you wish you were still away, huh?  Did you get a little perspective while you were gone?

Oh, definitely. I was able to look back at these last two plus years and see how hard this time has been. Every single one of us has struggled tremendously. That’s clear to me. Even if we can take it in stride it’s still something unlike anything we have known in our entire lives. It was helpful to pause and digest the angst we have all been carrying!

I appreciate you so much, doc. You’re a scholar and a gentleman. We should hang out sometime.

Please, briefly tell us one thing you learned at your conference.

Ok, sure. In Germany on this trip I learned about health and how health for the sake of something like longevity alone is not the fullest picture. Health needs to be kept in context. The point of a healthy body is to enable a healthy mind.  You can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body. The point of a healthy mind, which can connect to more complex thought worlds, is to free up the body for action which honors the greatness of our essence. The conscious free act is our goal.

So now you know the context of certain things, like recommendations for:

  • good water and salt
  • minimal simple carbs and sugars 
  • smart movement patterns 
  • healthy light exposure
  • flexible and strong connective tissue 
  • a healthy routine 
  • reducing screen time

A full picture is so helpful and puts taking care of yourself in an important context. Maybe it even makes it easier to get going with some of your health goals. Health with being in service of the good is a complete picture.

So, here’s to your healthy bodyyour sound mind and the free act! And to the essence of your humanity.