The Goal is a good goal.

I recently was asked by someone, “what is your goal for your patients?”

What a Great Question!

It’s worth really thinking about!

  • Yes, we provide a home base for all healthcare matters and counsel patients on how to navigate recommendations and screenings and symptoms and dosages. 
  • Yes, we put a high priority on the patient-doctor relationship which has such a foundational role in healing, and on practicing patient-centered care (the patient is the point!).
  • Yes, we seek to achieve positive health outcomes whenever possible and in whatever way possible and to support with creative and fulfilling options 

…but the main point is something different. Something where the actual healing enters.

The point of the whole exercise for my practice is to invite a patient to achieve a deeper connection with their life and purpose, to feel more comfortable with who they are. That is the “it” factor for me. It’s a mission that is in full recognition of the spiritual nature of the human being. That connection can deepen at any age and at any moment. It can be a small movement or a massive shift. The more we line that up, the less the rough edges of life get to us. Lining up with the whole picture of ourselves protects us.

The world needs authentic human beings practicing, unapologetically, at giving what only they can give to the world. Then, it is a score. 

Speaking of goals, what’s the endgame?

Remember the good old days? when cold and flu weren’t on your mind every day? It’s time to start remembering, because we have a less virulent strain, heaps of natural immunity, therapeutics, preventatives, knowledge, courage and reason to be optimistic. It’s a new era, in my eyes. Step by step let’s create a post-COVID mind-frame. To get there we have to let go of a few things:

  • Imagine no contract tracing, 
  • imagine no asymptomatic testing, 
  • imagine not watching every single solitary move of SARS Co-2.

The public schools in Massachusetts are adopting a policy of less testing and dropping contact tracing. They have found spread in school is minuscule. This is starting to sound like something other than a Pandemic. When the rates drop, masking and some of the other restrictions could be next. That’s my hope.

What would be our protection? Testing symptomatic people early would seem important. The at-risk, especially, should get tested with the first onset of symptoms then, if positive, be connected to a strong therapeutic intervention.

Let it develop. It’ll take a while. Just know that we can’t and won’t stay in this holding pattern forever. If we watch for it, the path will show itself. 

Ignorable Omicron variant?

In some countries but not yet in the USA, a second Omicron is out-competing the original version as suggested by watching DNA sequencing data. It means the new sub-variant is more contagious. Thankfully, all signs point to it being no more virulent. That’s super positive! Now you’ve got the permission, once again, to turn off the news.  You won’t miss anything. The media has great interest in your time and your money and is clueless about your growing capacity for selfless love. Oh, did you not know about that growing capacity?

Part of that self-connection I mentioned earlier is the understanding that our egotistic aims are not so valuable. It’s not about acquiring freedom to do whatever you want, it’s about freedom to allow the presence that can work through us for the Good of humanity.

And it’s not only about outcome, it’s also about being in integrity every step of the way.

Quote of the Week

“What is important is to accept each other as human beings on a journey of exploration. Research is always open ended. Overcoming division in this context means respecting each other’s integrity and individual sovereignty.”

—Bernard Jarman, 31st January 2022

And finally…

(Good News) Covid numbers

  • The Berkshire case load is coming down- and dropped 33% over the week. 1000 cases over this last week after 1,500 cases last week after a peak of almost 2100 positive cases a few weeks ago.
  • The Massachusetts 7 day average case incidence is down to 3K, a 50 % drop from last week.
  • Nationally, the seven-day-average plunged to 350K this week after being 600K last week- a more than 40% drop.

That seems like the sort of report we have been waiting on for a long time…