Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I’m never more proud of the ol’ USA than on the day we shut down business-as-usual all across the land in the name of gratitude.

I know you likely ate more pie last night than any other day this year and are planning to go for a long walk this am, and I am happy to hear that. Before you go I want to offer a few words in celebration of gratitude.


Mostly I want to say “excellent job, everyone!,” for the extraordinary efforts in gratitude yesterday. I think we moved the needle a little!

Every effort was important! It always is. 

A special acknowledgement to those who contributed to the gratitude project in spite of living through challenges. Times can be tough. No one said our path should or would be easy. Life on earth gets kind of complicated sometimes. The effort to be grateful during trying times is huge and goes such a long way. The truth gets revealed that outer circumstances don’t have control over us. These efforts show pretty quickly that our inner life can rise above adversity. It’s meaningful even if the breakthrough moments of clarity and strength are only temporary. The continued striving is what matters!

Writing Your Script 

I like a nice place setting as much as the next guy, but…

I actually see the practice of gratitude, whether on the holiday or otherwise, as an act of Revolution! I see it as an exercise in high level disruption. Outputs of gratitude act against certain tendencies that hold us back and make us ill. With gratitude (and the practice of fellow positive attributes like kindness and fairness) we smile in the face of the temptation to distrust our fellow human being. We resist that and get curious. We use our heart forces. We acknowledge our interconnectedness. We depart the bad script and write in our own part.

The Benefits

There should be no question of gratitude’s benefits (after reading below).

And there’s no question that the benefits increase the more you make gratitude a regular part of your daily routine. Keeping a gratitude journal is an eloquent way of reinforcing gratitude in your life, but the effort can be as simple as expressing gratitude to others more often, such as by being prolific with thank you notes.

Physically, when we are grateful we react better to stress and sleep better. So much flows from that. The immune system works better. Energy is sustained more easily. Generally, the body functions better when we clear our stagnating energy. Gratitude is a force to that end.

Psychologically, our resilience is fed by gratitude.  Depression has a harder time taking root. Those who are grateful more readily connect to seeing meaning in life. “Us vs them” is diminished with gratitude practice.

Socially, everyone is lifted by positive energy, and a grateful and positive person is always a welcome addition to the community.


Gratitude demands our ability to pay attention. It resists the destructive agendas of separation. It ushers us towards the Law of One. Simply put, the Law of One says “I don’t win unless we all win.” It has to work for the animal kingdom, nature, the earth as a whole, and fellow human beings for it to work for me.

It is the truth taught as the Golden Rule: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” 

I’m grateful for your efforts in gratitude. I’m grateful for all your strivings. I sincerely am.