Growing Into the Future

Spring is springing here in the Berkshires and over in Hudson, NY at Pleroma Farm, and it’s time for an update on the projects we are cultivating. Berkshire Center for Whole Health has partnered with the newly formed nonprofit Orphideum America, Inc to examine just what beauty and good can come from the exploration of medicine and nature at Pleroma Farm. We are looking to generate interest and support for the projects we plan to get off the ground.

We hope you are as excited as we are that our practice will build up a relationship with the farm in a tangible way.

The possibilities are super exciting and without limitation:

  • regenerative farming stimulating healing for the land, 
  • excellent quality food serving as medicine, 
  • woking with a mission to provide food for populations that have limited access,
  • redeeming the plants and animals through respectful stewardship, 
  • experiencing working in nature as medicine, 
  • having healing programs and healing education.

Simple yet stunning. Obvious yet revolutionary.

We aim to create something of which we can all be super proud! 

This is the first spring since the property changed hands and the non-profit is gearing up to raise funds for two main projects.


We will be sponsoring volunteers to come to the farm for work-stays with us. In the future, we would like to be able to host 5–10 volunteers. This year we have space to host two volunteers. And as of this month, we have accepted our first 2 skilled volunteers (from Germany) who plan to come and stay and work with us! We plan to have them work on an initial project: to build a structure for guests. We are lucky to have them for several months time. Orphideum America is raising money to fund their stay. We plan to raise $9,200 per volunteer for their expenses. We are also looking to acquire donated/discounted building supplies/tools and would love to hear of your contacts and connections.


Orphideum America is planning a raise funds to start our farming projects. We are currently looking at a large greenhouse project as well as additional funds for tools, infrastructure needs, and other equipment. Orphideum America is also raising money to fund part-time farming help in this first year as well. We have already invested in the first steps and aren’t planning to lose time. We look to team with Berkshire Bounty and Long Table Harvest, social and economic justice outfits in our communities.

If you want to be part of the collaboration whether it be helping with 

  • our website
  • building project
  • farming project
  • fundraising, etc

we are forming committees for interested parties! Send me an email with how you are thinking to get involved and I will connect you with one of our founding volunteers.

In the meantime, stay balanced, especially if you plan to be napping in a tree!