Harmony of the Summer Solstice

Greetings, Northern Hemisphere Earthings!

90% of us!

We are climbing to the peak of the year, the Sun’s high hour, the time where the light is at its fullest.

Dr Karl Konig wrote the following about this time of year [the summer solstice (6/22), St Johns Tide (6/25)]:

“The Sun is ascending far into summer heights. Light increasingly overwhelms the soul, and night and darkness are thrust back. The song of the birds can be heard almost continually, for when the last bird falls silent in the late evening, the first one begins to sing again.

“Thus the light of evening and the light of morning reach out their hands to one another.

“The widths of space are filled with light and brightness, with sound and joy, and the soul’s feeling extends outwards and upwards into the world’s expanses.”

At this time of year, we live in the widths of space, in the cosmic periphery.

Here’s the thing, if you want to fully appreciate this time where, “the world has become a revelation, where the mysteries of existence lie out in the open,” you only have to visit the time at the opposite end of the year: the second half of December. There the surrounding world has disappeared. There is only a cold, dark, colorless wasteland. It is a time of inner fullness and contemplation. The world’s bright loveliness (of the summer) gets transformed into the soul’s creative powers at wintertime.

We are part of a harmonious and balanced system. We live in the periphery during summertime then concentrate at the center in the winter. We go out and we come back. The year breaths, and we, human beings, are the integrated and central participant. 

The old verse comes to mind:

Thank God when I’m feeling pressed,
Thank God when I have needed rest.

It all fits. The year reminds us our challenges are not permanent. Things shift and turn inside out. We are meant to experience pressure, challenge and adversity. And, we will be granted time free from that. Guaranteed.

COVID MINUTE by the numbers

  • 2 cases in the county yesterday, only 62 in the state.
  • Only 6 cases in the county all week
  • National average remains at record low, approaching only 10,000 average per day