Reasons for Optimism regarding Omicron

In this edition we have:

  1. Reasons for Optimism regarding Omicron
  2. The Right Standpoint with Fear
  3. Brief Covid numbers update

Reason for Optimism: Changing Virulence

Omicron is spreading like a wildfire, but the good news is, as every bingo player knows, that the caller can’t keep picking out letters and numbers without the game eventually coming to an end.

There’s only so many chips to be played before Bingo night is nothing more than a dirty gymnasium and fond memories. You know what I’m talking about. All things come to an end.

Predicting Normalcy

I’m telling the people who predicted the pandemic would last 3 to 5 years to think again.

Omicron appears to be a game changer.

It is far more contagious than any variant thus far and has the worriers worried. But as data mounts it is definitely causing a milder illness. Rejoice with me now. Researchers are discovering Omicron’s decreased affinity for the lower respiratory tract sites and higher affinity for the upper airways. That’s medical speak for looking like one of the common cold coronaviruses, in other words, a bit of molehill. A Pandemic of the common cold and bronchitis for the shrinking numbers who don’t have natural immunity? It’s reason enough to get the optimistic outfit out of the closet and dusted off!

Milder symtoms

More data rolled in this week: 80,000 cases of Omicron in South Africa. There were definitely less hospitalizations in the Omicron group than we have seen with Delta. Not none, to be sure, but a large percentage less. This was also published: 5000 cases in the UK connected with Omicron and only 10 hospitalizations in that group so far. Everyone would tell you the numbers are early, but I can see a hopeful picture emerging.

First of all, let’s remember there are hundreds of millions of people that were taken ‘off the market’ by Delta. They will be greatly protected from Omicron. With any luck Omicron passes through the remaining susceptible populations, doling out large numbers of mild cases, then runs out of hosts. Fast movers burn out! The pandemic just might get that sudden end we have been dreaming of  … leaving us to pick up the pieces and start to process it all. That’s the optimistic best case scenario. Yes, hospitals could still be overrun and I am not suggesting we know yet how mild the overall picture will be, but 2022 is a new beginning. Believe that!

Smart Precautions

Flu is around this year, a little more than last year, which you remember was almost nonexistent.  This year reports are higher but still generally a low incidence. This year’s flu vaccine missed the mark, and will not be so effective. Shucks, but get your vitamin D levels up, be as careful as you’ve been for a few months more. Masking indoors remains smart. Keep distance as able, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Because there is no evidence that vaccines will be a big help for preventing either the flu or Omicron, my advice is lie low for this coming Omicron moment. After flu season and the Omicron surge, as I discussed above, the world could look completely different. My plan is to supplement wisely with vitamins D,C and zinc and some of the others from the FLCCC protocol and lay low for the winter with great hope that a new era will arise in the spring.

Facing Fear

The world may currently have more anxious reverberations in it than ever before! Nothing is certain except the therapists are overrun. What do we do with the worldwide pandemic of fear that continues on?

Healthy standpoint against fear

First of all, I suggest we drop any Disney-infused fantasies from our world outlook. We are not here to find happily ever after. We are not here to see what it’s like to slowly move towards utopia in our own lifetimes. Save any energy lamenting this not happening and direct it towards learning your role in the fight for humanity’s best future. We spend too much of our time numbing, soothing and shielding ourselves.

Try this: realize we are here to experience challenges because only through them will we grow in the way that we must for our development. Accept that life is difficult (Buddha agreed), and engage every moment to figure out what steps will help. What’s in you that you can make a difference for good? How do you develop it? These are the right questions.

Recognize that only our own actions create our future world. Engagement is key.

Don’t get caught in inaction. Everyday explore the simple, selfless act. Do something selfless for your fellow human.

Lend someone a hand. Say a nice word. Be surprised. Be nice. Be gentle. Smile. Practice reverence towards the world. Be kind to yourself too. Commit to it every day.

Brief Covid numbers update

  • The Berkshire case load tallies around 475 cases these last seven days. This is down from a total of about 550  last week.
  • The Massachusetts 7 day average is steady at  3500 cases per day.
  • Nationally, the seven-day-average has crept up slightly to 124K this last week (from 120K last week).

Testing info recap

  • People fare best with early detection of COVID. (Monoclonal antibodies, supplemental support, etc). Will Monoclonal antibodies hold up with Omicron? Will it be necessary? 
  • If you need a test for Flu and/or COVID call us, we have them. Or use a BHS testing center near you. Appointments are required at all BHS locations. Call 855-262-5465 for a BHS test for you or a guest or visit
    • Pittsfield COVID-19 Testing Center at 505 East St. is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • The North Adams COVID-19 Testing Center at 98 Church St. is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Fairview Hospital at 29 Lewis Ave. in Great Barrington is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.