Covid Update

  • Good News: Covid case incidence is flat locally and nationally. Despite BA.5’s arrival, numbers aren’t taking off. 
  • We continue to be counting a low percentage of the actual cases due to less centralized testing so don’t be too cavalier. 
  • President Biden has COVID. Kamala is a primary contact. We want Vladmir and Xi to know that Joe is still working, just taking it easy a little bit- probably binge watching a few seasons of “West Wing.”

Yesterday’s Weather Report

It was hot yesterday… and it might have gone to my head.

Today’s Weather Forecast

Hotter than yesterday.

Psychiatry Update

A major new review of the research published this week in the journal Molecular Psychiatry reached a interesting conclusion. In “The Serotonin Theory of Depression: A Systematic Umbrella Review of the Evidence,” a team of six top European researchers found “there is no evidence of a connection between reduced serotonin levels or activity and depression.”

The truth is we don’t know why antidepressants work. Actually, we are unsure of lots of things in our mental (and physical) health. It’s a fact that most of the major studies in psychology can’t be reproduced. In 2015 a huge, collaborative research project attempted to recreate 100 studies that were recently published in major psychology journals, and it found that only 39 of those studies’ results could be replicated.


We are more than just physical bodies. We have to take our soul-spiritual life into account.

An analysis of self-connection is a great place to start to see what this means. We need to look at the three components of self-connection (as detailed in an article by Arash Emamzadeh in Psychology Today from May of this year). “These consist of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-alignment.

  • Self-awareness: Awareness of one’s internal experiences, thoughts, emotions, sensations, preferences, values, intuitions, resources, goals, etc.
  • Self-acceptance: Full acknowledgment and acceptance, without judgment, of self-relevant characteristics and experiences. And seeing them as part of us and belonging to us.
  • Self-alignment: Using self-knowledge to behave in ways that authentically reflect oneself and fulfill one’s psychological needs (e.g., autonomy).”

At Home

We can’t be at home without self-connection. There are many opportunities to practice this throughout the day:

  • just as a routine, as in first thing when waking up
  • when having an extra minute, if stopped at a light or in traffic 
  • if uncomfortable or in pain

Just be aware without judging your experience. Your self-connection attempts will slowly shift… everything. It will give you more stamina, more options, more levity. Our self wants to be seen and heard and experienced.  If it’s uncomfortable to go there because of guilt or sadness, take little pit stops, at first. You’ll learn to not get lost in racing around.

From this week

A banker said to an economist:

“The cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy, we need more drivers, not bikers. The cyclist doesn’t buy cars with cash and she doesn’t borrow money to buy them. She doesn’t even need to purchase a car insurance policy.

She doesn’t buy fuel, she doesn’t have to pay to get the car serviced, and she has no need for repairs to her vehicle. She doesn’t use paid parking in the city. She causes no major accidents. And she creates no need for multi-lane highways.

Also, she is getting healthier, she is not getting overweight, she sleeps better, and her cardiovascular health improves dramatically.

This is bad because healthy people are less useful to the economy… they do not buy as much fast food, or as much medicine, or go to hospital as frequent. Simply put, healthy people on bikes add less to the country’s GDP… Walking is even worse. Pedestrians don’t even buy a bicycle! Walkers are a complete & utter travesty.”

Don’t let someone else’s version of you limit you or drag you down. Go against the main cultural current to be healthy, listening to your intuition, fully inhabiting your physical body. We will build a new economy based on your good health and your self-connection and the social interaction that come from it.