The Power of Optimism

A lot of people’s starting point is to question if optimism is at all justifiable in today’s world.

It is justifiable and then some! And the optimism movement needs you! So says the cohort of people that unapologetically cultivate a fearless and focused commitment to optimism.

Are you in their club? Would you like to be? These are the 2 steps if you want to consider the power of positivity in the post-modern era.

Step 1

The serious optimist is wide awake and knows the extent of negative influences in the world. This brand of optimism isn’t born from ignorance.

The serious optimist must read the headlines and the articles. They must experience all that is happening. They can’t be skittish or avoidant.

They have to know society is breaking down in the ways that it is. They must face the facts about microplastics, depleted soils, and pollution. They have to know about isolation, addiction, and despondency. They must be aware of the massive scale of human trafficking, enslavement, and abuse. They have to be aware of the massive scale of military mobilizations, manufacturing, and funding. They must keep apace with trans-humanism and artificial intelligence and the challenges of technology. They must experience loss, tragedy, and death.

They must decide not to turn away from human suffering, including their own.

Facing the world’s negativity is the prerequisite to consciously seeking the ideas that will bring optimism. It is the driving force to finding them, which is the second step.

Step 2

To choose optimism despite the world’s suffering is a path of further knowledge. Each individual must connect themselves to the thoughts and understanding that deliver them from negativity.

Let me demonstrate.

I personally know what I know about darkness and suffering and destruction. I will face it. I am not scared because I also know a few other things.

I also know about beauty, about the joy of walking a trail every day and seeing it change just a little bit each time and learning new things about it and myself as I walk it.

I also know about the power of integrity, letting your words and actions align with what’s in your heart, and putting that in the world.

I also know about the power of love. I know about friendship and community and connection. I know about one person being there to help another.

I also know about the power of striving and the fallacy of perfectionism; I know about the redemption power of getting back up when you fall down and of self-forgiveness.

I also know about the transformative power of belief. I know about the first day of Hanukkah today and the Christian celebration of the Holy Mother today.

I also know our existence spans other dimensions, and I know about profound inter-dimensional help.

I also know we are creators and learners, and I know we are here to face things so we will become a little more of what we have been born to become.

I also know about the magnitude of the earth’s resilience. And I know we have access to that resilience as a birthright, being citizens and mini versions of the earth as we are.

I also know about mediated reality (“media”) and its deeply manipulative nature. I know about psychological operations, bot farms, and mind control. I know that something benefits from me being small and fearful and denying all that I know. I know something wants to deny my optimism and I won’t stand for it. I won’t surrender.

All that I know leads me to hope and optimism.

So, I don’t wish away any of the trials of life. They are what they are. I know my field of action is immediate and powerful. It’s literally as simple as how I get out of bed and how I walk across a room. Am I there as I do it?

The negative programming is simply a backdrop for our main act: “connecting with our inner spirit and grounding into our own core self.” — (Lisa Renee)

This is the only true source of stability that we have.

One last thing I know is that a small act of kindness, an intention to connect, or a small increase in awareness somewhere in the day today is a profound contribution to a world full of optimism.

I’ll leave you with this gem that I found on my walk yesterday: