Why does the world feel like it’s closing in on me?

This time of year is a universal crunch for everyone, I think. We have to squeeze back into our autumn lives after spreading out across the whole summer landscape. The diminishing daylight and the mist that covers the mornings pull us inward. It’s a BIG adjustment. This time of year really confronts us. It demands a lot from us. 

More than this time of year…

Would I have to argue too hard to convince you that this time in history is exceptionally challenging? Look at the adversity that surrounds us as a backdrop to our existence. More than feeling squeezed by the Pandemic, we face all that comes with Climate Change. With tomorrow’s anniversary of 9/11 we are reminded that threats of Terrorism are a part of our everyday life and have been so for a long time.

Confusion, Uncertainty, and Global Fear are signs of the times.


Are we able to harness Artificial Intelligencegenetic modification, and nanotechnology into some sort of solution? or do they threaten to distance us from the core of who we are? Do data-mining, bio-surveillance, and engineered behaviormake finding net benefit of the burgeoning technological revolution impossible?

There is near-universal concern about the future. Too many people aren’t sure if there is a future for them.

Human Body as the next frontier

Gone are the days of discovering new lands and peoples. However, the cry to “Go West” is replaced with the new drive to “Go Inward.”

The new frontier is the human body. Science and technology are charging down the path of decoding life, consciousness and organic function, especially the brain. Longevity projects, cloning, and “uploading” consciousness are the interest of the leading edge of this movement. Just as in the past there was competition to colonize the undeveloped lands, the human body is the new native culture confronted with imperial conquest. You don’t have to look too far into the future to have a hard time deciphering the human-like computers from the computer-like humans.

Finding a Standpoint

First of all, let’s reduce the hyperfocus on COVID. There’s a lot more going on here, a lot more to learn. Let’s recognize our inner standpoint is essential to craft. We need to learn to live with all that comes with these times, just as the aging body needs to learn to live with diminishing vitality and regeneration. The person who is aging well is working hard at finding the exact balance of accepting what is present while not giving in too soon to the changes. They also work at embracing the silver linings and opportunities that come with new phases of life.

These times deliver an mandate for inner exercising. That is where we train the fortitude and find the understanding to meet our age.

Turn off the sickening drumbeat of indoctrinating algorithmic clickbait that provides anything but a standpoint. Turn it off. In its place create a foundation to develop your thinking-life. Spend a lot of time with these ten points that a doctor friend recently posted on his feed. Ten keys, free and accessible to everyone:

  1. Good sleep
  2. Sunlight
  3. Grounding
  4. Nature
  5. Fasting
  6. Exercise
  7. Positivity
  8. Gratefulness
  9. Mindfulness
  10. Meditation

They are a good basis for navigating our future course, which, with the right standpoint, absolutely has a place for each one of us.

COVID update

  • The Berkshire case load went down to 150 caseslast week, from 219 the week before, and 182 before that.  Was that our peak?
  • Nationally the charts would seem to indicate we, as a country, have peaked. We are now down to an average of 147K cases per day (7 day average) down from 164K new cases per day.
  • There is currently no consensus on boosters. Scientists at the FDA disapproved of the executive branch announcing the booster schedule without awaiting FDA approval. In fact, two FDA scientists resigned over it. Protection remains good against severe cases, it seems. Boosters at the moment are still planned to begin for Pfizer, and Pfizer alone, starting Sept 20th once 8 months has passed since the last shot.