You can control 90% of your health

You can control 90% of your health.

It’s a fact.

And food quality is a huge factor in this basic public health fact, as are:

  • not smoking and
  • moving well 

We will always need healers, but you can do yourself a huge favor if you embrace the bounty!

Eat whole foods!  It’s short sighted to pinch your budget around food quality. The corn syrups and the chemical fertilizers and the mass produced food will bite you back.

Never in the basic and verified public health dictum that we control our health was it stated that bioengineered food would suffice. Sorry, World. Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine” and in my opinion that is best read as “nature’s bounty holds the building blocks towards health.” Make the effort and diminish your toxic load. Dump processed foods in the broadest definition. Eat whole foods.

Nature isn’t complete. It needs our cultivation to bring order. We can tinker in a direction that comes from understanding and respect and deepening a connection with the essence of creation or we can tinker out of manipulation, reductionism, and cold disconnection.

The problem

Generations ago we were all involved modestly in our own food production.

We have slid away from local and self-sustainable to “Big Ag” movements and a synthetic global food supply system. We underwent a movement driving us to a chemically based, centralized system. Monoculture crops and diminished diversity have led us to ailing soils and an extreme vulnerability.

The result is calorie-dense, nutrient-poor food supply. As a whole we are more obese, undernourished, and chronically sick.

The answer

Take it back. You would never grow your own food with the ideas that are used in mass-produced foods. What will build back our soils?

Here’s the short list. Each word in the list is important:

  • Community gardens 
  • CSAs 
  • Farmers markets
  • Local and organic
  • Saving and growing traditional seed varieties
  • Diversity

Covid Comment

Cases are stable and low level. There were just over 90,000 cases per day nationally on average and around 20 cases per day in the county. About 8 people in each state die each day with a connection in some way to SARS Cov2. The risk is down.  There is not an emergency with Omicron’s less potent sickness, high levels of immunity both natural and synthetic, helpful treatments like paxlovid and monoclonal antibodies and others.

Please realize you have a lot of power. Control what you can control. Take some steps to become or stay as healthy as you can be!